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Refusing to be defined by my past or confined by the sexual norms of society; I embrace gender exploration, strap-on sex, domination, BDSM and all sorts of kinky pleasures. Bold and real, I share my journey of sexual self-discovery that’s spanned a lifetime. A blending of words and images, almost nothing is taboo in my bedroom and I bear it all in more than one way.

"Find yourself 

you'll find love"

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My Story

As a runaway I found myself in the French Quarter. Broke and Hungry, I took them up on the offer of a job. Little did I know, my whole world would change that day. After 10 years of working in the clubs of Bourbon St., selling myself in the dark corners and back alleys, I found the courage to break free from everything that held me there; I've found freedom.

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Lori is an expert in all aspects of strapping it on and pegging, from the ‘hardware’ of the harness & silicone to the ‘software’ of embodiment & confidence. Lover of all things kinky, femedom enthusiast, gender fluid, feminist, confident top and eager switch; Hey, I don't like labels. You can't put me in a box .

We test all the latest strap-on gear.

It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. 


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