the creative force behind Kink, etc…; a sex positive blogger with a passion for helping others discover the joys of sexual exploration. Rediscovering love & sex at forty something, almost nothing is taboo in her bedroom & Lori bears it all – in more than one way - through her blog. It’s a merge of words & images. Bold & real, her personal stories, award winning erotic photography, advice & guides and more, is a journey into sexual self discovery through kink & fetish.

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WARNING This site contains explicit sexual themes that's for mature audiences only. +21
Kink, etc...
After 10 yrs. in the sex industry & 22 yrs. of marriage, Lori has tips, tricks and advice that can help you along your sexual journey.
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Rediscovering Love & Sex at ‘Forty Something’ through kink, BDSM and sexual exploration. Here you’ll find candid and revealing ramblings, advice, dirty stories and journal entries about kink, strap-on sex, BDSM and more.

So many dicks, so little time…

Lori tests all the latest toys; strap-on gear, vibrators, men’s toys and more.

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Sex Toy Reviews

Shop the toys that I keep on the top of my toy box. These toys are hand chosen and endorsed by me. The toys that I love the most .. find out what they are.


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As a runaway I found myself in the French Quarter. Broke & hungry, I took them up on a job offer. Little did I know, my whole world would change...
Tales From The Sex Trade
I love to write, Especially about kinky things.

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Kink, etc... Reality bedroom porn. Fetish, Kink, Strap-On Sex, Femdom, Erotic Scripts & more
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Pay tribute to Mistress Lori and surprise her with a new cigar to puff while she films.
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Erotic Smoke and Vaping Photos, Fetish Smoking & tons of Vape related giveaways
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