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After 10 yrs. in the sex industry & 22 yrs. of marriage, Lori has tips, tricks and advice that can help you along your sexual journey.
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Rediscovering Love & Sex at ‘Forty Something’ through kink, BDSM and sexual exploration. Here you’ll find candid and revealing ramblings, advice, dirty stories and journal entries about kink, strap-on sex, BDSM and more.

Hello friends and followers. As many of you know, I’ve been rather silent for many months. Great news, Kink, etc… is going to be alive and well. Very soon you will all be meeting a dear friend of mine who’s going to carry on with Kink, etc… while I’m dealing with personal issues that have ┬áconsumed me and my time. I’m so excited about this change and I hope you are too. HUGS lori

So many dicks, so little time…

Lori tests all the latest toys; strap-on gear, vibrators, men’s toys and more.

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Sex Toy ReviewsSex Toy ReviewsSex Toy Reviews

Shop the toys that I keep on the top of my toy box. These toys are hand chosen and endorsed by me. The toys that I love the most .. find out what they are.



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As a runaway I found myself in the French Quarter. Broke & hungry, I took them up on a job offer. Little did I know, my whole world would change...
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I love to write, Especially about kinky things.

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Visit my Clips4Sale store to find all of my smoking fetish clips.
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Pay tribute to Mistress Lori and surprise her with a new cigar to puff while she films.
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Erotic Smoke and Vaping Photos, Fetish Smoking & tons of Vape related giveaways
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