5 Tips for Neon Wand Fun

#1 Take Time to Learn

Before you jump in with both feet, take time for both you and your lover to learn how the wand works and the different sensations that your probe create. Playing around with the wand will you’re your apprehensions fall to the way side as you become comfortable with it. This is an important step because when both parties feel free to relax without any fears, playtime will be more fun.

#2 Start Slow

Don’t crank it up right away. Instead, when you turn on the wand, start with the power set to the lowest strength. Slowly increase the strength allowing your lover time to adjust to the sensations. They will let you know when it’s just right. Because each attachment produces a different feeling, always go slow when introducing a new one.  

#3 Plan your Attack

Don’t just hone in on the tender bits first. Tease your lover a bit before you get to the good stuff. Start out on the outer thighs or the arms and allowing them to relax and enjoy the sensations. Taking your time and caressing them with the wand is a great way to warm up. Using the wand on areas such as the neck, tracing around the breast or even around the bikini line are sure to have your lover longing for more.

#4 Experiment

While you play, experiment with different sensations. Touching the probe to your lover’s skin will feel much different than leaving a space between the two. When the probes are rubbed on the skin, there’s a warm tingling sensation. When the probe is held away from the skin, the current creates an arc and ‘zaps’ your lover. The larger the arc, the stronger the bite your lover feels. Experimenting with the distance and size of the arc will produce a wide array of erotic sensations.

#5 Enjoy the Show

A wonderful aspect of the Neon Wand is the visual show it creates. Choose the color you desire and while you play the current illuminates the probe. As the current flows and arcs, it there’s a vivid light show. Playing with the how the light looks dancing across your lover’s hot skin draws you in. That’s a huge part of what makes the Neon Wand so appealing. As you’re drawn into the color of the electricity zapping your lover, you find delightfully devious ways to ‘zap’ them. As you play, your lover is helpless beneath the wand and loving every moment of the sensations that your imagination creates.  

Neon Wands are truly and erotic and unique experience for both you and your lover. Experiment, explore and most importantly have fun. The Neon Wand is full of endless possibilities.

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  1. Suzie Jay
    Suzie Jay at |

    Learning to use the neon wand was one of the best things i have ever done, me and my partner will be coming back for more!


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