Steam Bath – Sweaty Gay Erotica

book_image (3)Experience the legend of erotic encounters in the Bathhouse. Shrouded in secrecy  they have spawned many erotic talks throughout the centuries. It’s easy to see why. Men in nothing but a towel, relaxing in the warm water, their bodies glistening in the light; what better for an erotic tale? Steam Bath, by Shane Allison, is packed full of sweaty gay erotic tales. 

Shane Allison takes you and a tantalizing journey across through time and across continents to bring you some of the best hot and steamy stories from behind the doors of the Bathhouse.

Explore your kinky fantasies and live vicariously. Spark your lover’s interest in something new. Get warmed up for a night of male love. If you enjoy erotica, these sultry stories are sure to get your blood pumping.

Steam Bath is packed full of 18 short stories, there is quite the variety of men. From sweaty muscled men eager to shed their cloths to towel snapping fun, Steam Bath is filled with sexy boys next door, bad boys and so much more. Each story captures the erotic dynamics between men, leaving you longing for more.

Read for your self… 

The Aqueducts by T. Hitman

Quintus stepped out of his sandals and let his robes drop. Soft fabric puddled at his feet. Steam kissed the sensitive points on his naked body – his throat and ears, his nipples, his cock, hanging erect without shame. Two of his Plebeian servants hovered close by, one with drink, the other a towel for his Patrician master. Quintus caught their glances, which normally should have stroked his arousal. Through their previous worship of his body, both men had proven themselves worth of rights denied to their societal class, though neither could hope for such privilege. In the days, perhaps the years to follow, Quintus sensed he would crave and even need their mouths upon his body in the absence of the one kissed he desired most. 

Incubus Steams by Logan Zachary 

Damon stood up, revealing he was naked sitting in the booth. he had a thick bush of black hair and a thick penis that appeared to be semi-erect. It rose up and down as Ryan’s eyes looked at it. “As you can see,” Damon spread his arms wide and thrust his pelvis forward, “we have nothing to hid. what can I do for you?

What I Am For by C.C. Williams 

“The angle of his toel, slung low on one hip, left very little to the imagination. yet the extravagance of that packed indicated there was a grand and monumental treasure hidden beneath. Perhaps thirty, he looked Mediterranean: olive skin, dark curls and a muscular chest covered with a lush, sable pelt. I was interested – scared – but interest. My cock stirred beneath my towel. What to do next? 

Closing with Shane Allison’s own Montgomery Gymnos 

I didn’t care if we got caught or who saw us. All I could think about was sucking that dick. Jon pushed until his dick teased the rear of my throat. “Let’s hit the showers.” I started to get undressed, stepping out of my sandals, dropping out of my shorts and drawers, peeling off my shirt. I followed John to the showers; pearls of water peppered his ass. I couldn’t keep from looking at his taut booty. both of our dicks were bond hard. Warn shower water pelted our bodies. We wrapped our fingers around each other’s wet hard-ons. 

Shane Allison is a rising star of gay erotica. His other anthologies include Back Draft, Hot Cops and Big Man on Campus. With this latest release published by Cleis Press, it’s obvious that Shane Allison is here to stay.

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