Our Kinky Fellatio Fun – Sucking cock isn’t what it use to be.


Going further and further down the rabbit hole of kinky sex, the act of giving a fellatio has taken a whole new form in our marriage. So much more than simply putting A into B and sucking, blow jobs have …

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Barbed Wire Fence – #WickedWednesday


Taken to the edge of his property, where the barbed wire fence stands.  “Kneel here” He commands.  Pressing into her,  The wire twist firm against the skin.  “Don’t move” He warns as she hears the cracking of his whip. Are you …

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Falling In Love With Leather All Over Again – #KinkOfTheWeek


Ever since I was a young teen, I’ve been in love with leather. There are even times that I went into department stores just to find their leather jackets and savor the smell. I would try them on and feel …

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Caught – #SultrySaturday


Look what Hubby caught walking the trail. You never know what you might come across walking in the woods. * Stop by Sultry Saturday and join in the fun.   

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Rolling In The Hay – #SinfulSunday


Today’s fun gave a whole new meaning to  “Rolling in the hay” I like this version much better.  Are you being Sinful this Sunday? Stop by Sinful Sunday and join the fun.  

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The Hidden Fantasy – #WickedWednesday


He runs a finger down my cock, outlining each detail of its head. Smiling up at me, his eyes beg for permission. “Do you want to taste it?” He licks his lips. I pull back, “Not just yet, my love.” …

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Learning – #SinfulSunday


The more I learn,  The more I practice,  The more I realize how little I know.  It drives me to learn more.  * This didn’t turn out quite like I pictured it in my head; but I’m still happy with …

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Captured & Tied Up – #SultrySaturday


Captured and hidden amongst the Laurels. Tied up, he leaves her waiting for later.                               Stop by and see the other great Tied Up competition photos at …

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The Process – #WickedWednesday


With new tools, the process begins. Connecting within me and awakening new passions.  We become one.  * Are you being Wicked this Wednesday? Click the button bellow and join the fun. 

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Trapped in a Web of Bondage – #SinfulSunday


I’ve been enjoying creating new bondage poses with my rope this week.  The other night, I decided to try webbing my suspension rope to create a whole new effect.  I think it turned out good. But being my own worst …

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