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  1. Bedroom Bondage (@BedroomBondage)

    For me personally, this article has been written at the right time. After reviewing Crystal Delights’ Crystal Minx Black Fox Tail Plug, we’ve really gotten into anal sex, and anal play. The use of a plug has made me much more relaxed about accepting something into my ass.

    Let’s be completely honest with you: we’ve experienced the “mud” thing a few times. The first time, I was shocked and felt like crying. But my loving partner was so gentle and kind about it, said it was nothing, cleaned me up nicely and acted like nothing happened. That made me feel so much more comfortable.. if he’d made a drama out of it, I probably wouldn’t have tried it anytime soon again. So no, I don’t have normal bowel movements. They are very disturbed. Damn, I should really try and eat more veggies, and drink more.

    My partner and I have been talking about using a douche for a while now, but not actually done it. Why? Maybe a little scared. Or not scared but uncomfortable. I had no idea it could make tiny cuts.. I wonder why that is. It’s good to know you should do it a few hours before.

    Thank you for this article.. I’ll go to the pharmacy soon!


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