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Wild Girls, Wild Nights

Real Life Lesbian Sex Stories : Wild Girls, Wild Nights + A giveaway

Wild Girls Wild NightsThere are lots of myths about lesbians, many of which evolve around their sex lives. It seems all too common that lesbian love finds itself equated with pajama parties. People don’t seem to think of lesbian love as kinky and dirty. Wild Girls, Wild Nights tares the veil and reveals real life stories of burning lesbian passions. It’s not comfy slippers or cozy robes that you may be thinking. Instead, these stories are full of ‘wild women with dirty minds, untamed tongues and even the occasional cuff or clamp’. Best of all, each one is true.  

Sacchi Green’s anthology is packed full of twenty true lesbian sex stories. Wild Girls, Wild Nights has everything from anniversary celebrations to taking relationships to the next step, Caribbean Islands to Desert Battlefields and so much more.

I adore lesbian love. Something that I’ve tried in the past, it was enjoyable but the circumstances weren’t positive. Still, my mind always tends to slip into passionate scenes that I’ve part of. Through books such as this one, my fantasies become more real; tangible. Best of all, I’m healing from the scars of the past.  

Sacchi Green has gathered together stories that blow my mind. Peeking into a world that’s often thought of as taboo, I found myself longing for more. Each story is full of real life passion. Not something that’s thought up in the fantasies of another. The women who share are sharing their most intimate and devious encounters are strong, courageous and have a burning desire to tell the restrained details of their sex lives.

Destiny Moon, in The Corruption of the Innocent Pornographer, shares all about her holiday getaway adventure. Her lover, who’s a porn star and producer, wants an experience instead of the typical gifts for the x-mas. The plan that’s made is much more than that. At the romantic getaway, she’s taken into the world of kink for the first time. Finding that she loves it, their relationship is taken to a whole new level.

Then I lit the candle and held it upright for a while to let her get used to the idea. “Does this make you nervous? I asked.

“I use to be a fire fighter, remember?” she replied. “I used to have to run into burning buildings.”

“Yes, but you weren’t tired up and helpless, were you?”


“And you weren’t being straddled by a kinky pervert who enjoys inflicting pain.”  I nodded. Then I whispered, “Good answer.”

In Nurse Joan, Cheyenne Blue shares about an erotic encounter in the operating room. While stocking Joan, Gill’s secret crush comes in and decides it’s time for a bit of in house training. Not your typical training, Joan has devious motives. On the O.R. table, Joan’s interest in Gill is made known.

Here hand came down on my belly, moving in slow circles. Not quite a massage, nearly a caress. “Relax. You’re too tight here.” Her hand moved to my groin and her fingers dug deeply into the crease. “Obviously you don’t spread your legs often enough.”

The pressure from her fingers was fierce, but not painful enough to stop me reacting to her closeness. Her belly brushed my hip, and her free hand rested familiarly on my shoulder.

In Threesome, by H.M. Husley, you’re taken along for the birthday celebration. Sam just wants her lover Jenifer to have a fun night; even through that means Kat, the other woman, is there too. Sam promises to play nice. Before the nights through, Sam is the one who ends up getting the best gift; Kat.

Kat continued to tease me, and it felt like she would never give me what I wanted. My pussy was hot, swollen and dripping. I could feel the blood push against my skin from the inside as my clit pulsed. Finally Kat pushed my legs open and let me feel the head of her cock on my cunt.


Reality doesn’t have to be prosaic. Real sex can be wet, messy, frenzied, sometimes even awkward, but never boring. With these writers and seventeen more, Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories is proof of that.

Sacchi Green is a Lambda Award-winning writer and editor of erotica and other stimulating genres In recently years she’s taken to welding the editorial whip, editing eight lesbian anthologies, Lesbian Lust, Lesbian Cops and girls Fever. You can find out more about Sacchi Green and even get peaks at her latest works at her blog.

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I’d like to thank Cleis Press for offering me this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Wild Girls, Wild Nights gets a Two Thumbs up from both Hubby and I. It’s a great read and a welcomed addition to our book shelf. 

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