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  1. cammies on the floor
    cammies on the floor at |

    I love how you are left to wonder what comes next ;)

  2. Scarlett DuBois
    Scarlett DuBois at |

    I love prepping before a kinky event. All I can think is sexy thoughts the whole time :-) xxx

  3. Beck (@beck42069)
    Beck (@beck42069) at |

    I did this to my father one time when I was younger. He went in to have his toe nails removed the next day without realizing he had pink glittery toes. :D

  4. LoriandHubby
    LoriandHubby at |

    :) We are a bit strange I must admit. We have fun though. Hubby wasn’t to nervous when I told him I was going to dress him up and it did turn out to be fun :) The rest.. well, maybe I’ll write about it one day..

    HUGS have a great day.


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