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  1. john patterson
    john patterson at |

    loe to use this with my wife

  2. Reenie
    Reenie at |

    I absolutely adore your new site! It’s neat and symmetrical. The blue and green don’t hurt the eyes, and the text are easy to read. Congrats to your new home!

  3. sunkissedJess
    sunkissedJess at |

    I love the name of your blog! I really enjoyed your reviews and videos on EF! Looking forwarding to hanging out on your blog more often! :)

  4. toytigress
    toytigress at |

    I’m really glad I’ll still be able to read your reviews here since EF’s going to hell! Thanks for encouraging me to start a blog as well!

  5. Angel
    Angel at |

    Yay!! so happy you got your blog has a permanent home. I love how daring you and your hubs are with your pics. I also love the colors that you chose it definitely stands out.

  6. Mr. Will
    Mr. Will at |

    Congrats on getting self hosted!!!

  7. Red Vinyl Kitty
    Red Vinyl Kitty at |

    Congrats on being self hosted, and thanks for running this contest! :)

  8. PropertyOfPotter
    PropertyOfPotter at |

    Your site it looking amazing! You should be very proud of it!

  9. AmethystQueen
    AmethystQueen at |

    So sorry you got kicked off Blogger, but congratulations on setting up your new place! Looks great! And thank you so much for the contest!

  10. Miss C.
    Miss C. at |

    Congrats on your new website! You shouldn’t delegate your content to other’s hosting, I’ve heard such horrible stories about blogger blogs. All the best x

  11. Heaven
    Heaven at |

    Glad to see you back up and running again It looks great!


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