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  1. JC is Me
    JC is Me at |

    This sounds like an awesome way to discover new things!!

  2. LA Pi
    LA Pi at |


  3. Rin Furinto
    Rin Furinto at |

    I’m dying to know if any of these subscription services are worth it. I’d be willing to pay a decent amount for awesome things sent to me monthly but a lot of these boxes seem to contain non safe materials in their toys and their samples which is just off putting entirely. Some of the images on spicy’s site show Lelo and Masque and H2JO while others show some pretty questionable items and cheap plastic vibrators.

  4. Lori Ques
    Lori Ques at |

    Hi Rin, I’m curious about the same thing. If I get the most entries on my giveaway, I can win a box to. Then I can review it and let everyone know. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for entering.

  5. Mary
    Mary at |

    This service seems cool. I really hope that I win so I can try it out.

  6. Airen Wolf
    Airen Wolf at |

    Here’s hoping you win! GOGOGO


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