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  1. Marie Rebelle
    Marie Rebelle at |

    A great way of rolling in the hay. The second photo is my favorite :)

    Rebel xox

  2. Scarlett DuBois
    Scarlett DuBois at |

    Oh how deliciously fun you make it look to roll in the hay! xxx

  3. curvaceousdee
    curvaceousdee at |

    Oh, I love it! Simply gorgeous (bet it was prickly as hell, though…).

    xx Dee

  4. Sugar Doll
    Sugar Doll at |

    This is just simply amazing. So simple!

  5. Heaven
    Heaven at |

    Your rope work again is amazing. Yea this is a whole new meaning to rolling in the hay.

  6. KaziG
    KaziG at |

    So do I!
    Must have been scratchy ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. msbunnywhite
    msbunnywhite at |

    Fantastic ties and what fun! Argh! That just looks like so much of a blast that I’m jealous!


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