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  1. mary
    mary at |

    what an intruiging and very naughty image! I love it.

    (jemima101 at its just a hobby, blogger hates me :))

  2. cammies on the floor
    cammies on the floor at |

    It is very intriguing. The colors match your blog (did you realize that?)Extra sinful, well done.

    1. Lori Ques
      Lori Ques at |

      @ Cammies on the floor

      smiles.. no i didn’t realize that at all. i changed the colors so it wasn’t like it’s really me up there.. blushing. that was last nights fun!

      HUGS have a great night

  3. Saint1ess
    Saint1ess at |

    Such a brilliant and sexy image :-) <3

  4. Kazi G
    Kazi G at |

    Indeed! But I’m stuck by those fishnet toes :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. spacebunnykink
    spacebunnykink at |

    Sexy! Especially the fishnet on the toes :)

  6. hersecondchance
    hersecondchance at |

    I love the way you are forcing the toy into your ass. It’s very Sinful.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  7. Silverdrop
    Silverdrop at |

    Oh! That is deliciously sinful.

  8. Marie Rebelle
    Marie Rebelle at |

    mmm that looks very yummy!

    Rebel xox

  9. ThatPosition Monika
    ThatPosition Monika at |

    Oh my!!! That is very sexy and so intriguing! I keep looking at it and because it’s a bit blurry it makes look more mysterious. Love it!!!xxxx

  10. Love and lust in London
    Love and lust in London at |

    Wow, such a different, awesome pic! Yum

    O x

  11. Molly
    Molly at |

    The editing of the colours seem to have emphasised the heated passion of this shot and also makes me wonder just what exactly is going on here…


    1. Lori Ques
      Lori Ques at |

      Hello Molly, I was very nervous about putting such a close up pic of me on the net, so I changed the colors.

      That’s me with my Vixskin Cowboy, the foot his Hubby. He was holding it in place while I was riding it.

      @hersecondchance. Sorry but that’s not my bumm it’s going into. Oh my, Cowboy is too big for there

      Thank you all for stopping by and commenting. HUGS

  12. John D Stories
    John D Stories at |

    Very violent, psychedelic colours; great effects!

  13. tina G
    tina G at |

    That does look really cool

  14. Penny
    Penny at |

    Wow, I love everything about this image; it’s so lovely, creative, and erotic!

  15. barenakedlady
    barenakedlady at |

    Ooh! I am loving the colours in this image!

    xx Jillian


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