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  1. sexuality sanctuary (@sangsaraB)

    Lori you are amazing and I absolutely love that you embody something that I have been thinking about as I write an article for my blog on unwanted intercourse- just because one has been a sex worker or been sexually assaulted/molested/raped does NOT mean that one is automatically wounded for life in the sex dept. we can still be healthy well adapted sex loving adults
    Thank you for sharing your stories and I truly hope that you will join me in Tales From The Trade.

  2. Mr. Will
    Mr. Will at |

    Wow…. I didn’t know all of (really, any of this.) I’m proud of you for sharing, and it moves me to see you open up like this!

  3. Amie
    Amie at |

    Thanks so much for sharing your story Lori.


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