Spank Your Lover with the D-Ring Slapper – Review

Looking for a new addition to your spanking tool box? Sportsheets has a fun toy for you, the D-Ring Slapper. Ideal for all levels of play, this slapper feels great and is fun to use.

025At ten inches in length, its compact size and light weight makes it ideal for fun up-close and personal fun. Easy to control, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Don’t let its small size fool you, it can pack a punch. In addition, the attached d-ring is a nice touch allowing you to hang it off your tool belt or for storage.

 Perfect for up-close and personal play its size is ideal to tantalize and spank your lover’s tender bits.

031Commanding attention, the sound it produces is sure to make your blindfolded lover quiver. The sound is firm and echoes from between its two straps. It delivers a thud type feeling rather than a stinging.

 The D-Ring Slapper is constructed from one leather strap which is folded around the d-ring, and held together with rivets. Designed to stand up to heavy play, it’s well made and sturdy. The leather used is a nice quality, finished on the outside and a brushed finish on the inside.

026Playing with this slapper can be sensual or high impact, depending on the wielder. If an erotic teasing is what you crave, try running the leather tongues over your lover’s hot skin. For heavy play it produces erotic sensations. When your lover needs a nice spanking, the leather can leave bright red strips across their bottom.

If your lover craves the firm feel of leather across their hot skin, this slapper is sure to be just what they need.

Hubby and I enjoy our slapper. And best of all, after two years of play, it still looks and feels great.

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Quick Facts:

Leather D-Ring Slapper

Made from quality leather with nickel free hardware. 

10 inches in length and 2 ½ inches wide.


Care and Cleaning: 

To ensure that your leather goods last a life time, a bit of care is needed. Preventive measures are always better than addressing a problem when it arises. Therefore, it is best to not toss your toys on the floor or anywhere else that they may pick up dust and dirt. To ensure that your leather doesn’t mildew, make sure any moisture that gets on the leather is completely dried before storing.

To clean your leather wipe with a damp cloth. If you leather should happen to need a more deep cleaning, use the leather cleaner of your choice and follow the directions on the package. When leather becomes dry or cracked, it can be brought back to life with a leather conditioner. However, use conditioner sparingly since can leave you leather feeling oily. When storing, it is best to lay the slapper flat to ensure that it doesn’t lose its shape or crease. Also, don’t store in a dark and humid environment. Leather is a live skin. Therefore, it needs air circulation to hinder mildew growth.

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