Beautiful Rope Bondage Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Lately, I’ve been sharing our love for rope bondage. The response has been overwhelming. Many have shared their desire to play with rope too, but for various reasons haven’t jumped into the fun.

Some think that rope work is hard. I’m here to tell you it’s not. Others desire to be tied up but their partner just doesn’t seem up to the task. With just a few basic knots and a bit of imagination, you can have fun with rope too.  You can even modify ties to work for self bondage.

Body harness

Body harness

Before you step into bondage play, there’s the issue of safety that should always be covered. Familiarize yourself with pressure and never points that can be damaged by the rope. Always be on the lookout for blue limbs which is a sign of poor circulation. Also, keep a pair of safety scissors close at hand for a quick release just in case of an emergency.

Hubby loves the look of rope on my body. However, he fumbles and stumbles around with the rope and can’t seem to grasp the knots. What’s a girl to do? I learned how to tie myself. That’s right, 99% of our rope work, I do all by myself.  

My rope work is a bit unconventional. I don’t subscribe to any school of thought about the proper way to tie your lover. When I work with rope, it’s an ever evolving experience. I let the rope and my imagination guide me.

I don’t know a lot of knots. Although I strive to learn new ones, I have a hand full of knots that I tend to use on a regular basis. Also, I don’t use the standard 30 foot rope for most of my bindings. Instead I use 20 foot pieces of rope; which is much easier to work with. I find new ideas for bindings by looking up Shabari and rope bondage photos online. Bust most of all, I strive to be creative.

So how do I do it? You ask.

I utilized many useful sources on-line and have a few books that helped me gain a solid base of knowledge. Once I felt confidant with the concepts, I started figuring out how to work the rope myself to achieve basic bindings. With things like breast harnesses and frog leg bindings, I became acquainted with the rope and figured out how the knots worked together to accomplish bindings. From there, I started adding my own flair trying new and interesting ways that I wanted the rope to hold me and look on my body.

 The mechanical aspect isn’t as hard as one would think. There are times that I step over and around the rope rather than wrapping it around myself. I’ve even figured out how to wrap the rope around my body without having it tangle all up. It takes a bit of ingenuity with a lot of trial and error.

Believe me, it’s worth the time to play around and see what you can create. I am sure you’ll be surprised at the creative ways you’ll find to work the rope.

As I mentioned there are many resources both on-line and in print. Below is a list of links that I use on a regular basis to gain knowledge and ideas. I hope that they help and inspire you to jump in and explore the erotic world of rope for yourself.

As always.. Be Educated, Play Safe, and most of all have fun!

The Two Knotty Boys

YouTube, Web Site,

Favorite knots by them – the Single Column Tie, Two Column Tie, Dragon Fly Sleeves, Basic wrap and Cat’s Paw.

The Two Knotty Boys gives you and excellent base to work and branch off from. Through their videos, I learned some useful basic knots and how to wrap the rope around my body making a bite and when not to use a bite.

Monkey Fetish Photo

Leon has a wonderful tutorial section. The two knots that I use the most from him – the French Bow Line; worked with a double rope and Leon’s Captured Half Hitch

Animated Knots

Shows you step by step how to do almost any knot you could imagine. They break down knots into use categories of use and tell you the plus and negatives of each one.


Has tons of great threads with help and advice on any subject you could imagine. I love the Riggers group, Kinksters into rope, Self Bondage.

Midori has some wonderful books with great illustrations.

BeKnotty has a very useful list of knots.

A lot more can be found on YouTube and through a Google search. Explore and discover for yourself. It’s truly fun and easy to learn. 

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