Day 2 – 31 Days of Masturbation Transformation

My 31 Days to Masturbation Transformation is under way. Although I still have a few reservations to overcome, last night equipped with my MiMi I jump into a warm bubble bath.
Laying back and letting my muscles soak up the heat, I tried to think about times when I felt sexy or times when something turned me on. Random thoughts flooded my mind. I tried hard to push them out; but they kept bombarding me. Determined to figure something out, I began to run my finger tips across my inner thighs. Forcing my mind to concentrate on each sensation, I started to imagine myself sitting in a creek on a hot summer day. Thinking about feeling the cool water soaking into my summer dress, I let my mind wander. I imagined the feeling of it press against my hot skin as I raised my skirt.
Before I knew it I had that little tingling between my legs. Just as I began to reach down to grab MiMi and explore, there was a knock at the door. Busted by grandpa, I immediately shot up and jumped out.
Before I even realized it, a great cloud of guilt came over me that I just couldn’t shake. Lying in bed that night, I tried to analyze why I felt such guilt. Sex is a natural thing, feeling good is natural, why did I feel so guilty about exploring my body?
I’ll have to study more about that and share what I discover.
Is masturbation easy for you or do you struggle with your own barriers? I would love to hear your thoughts; if you feel comfortable please leave a comment bellow.

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One Response to Day 2 – 31 Days of Masturbation Transformation

  1. Silverdrop says:

    We sometimes feel very lucky that we are both completely comfortable masturbating in front of each other. In fact, we did so just last night. :) We hope it gets easier for you.

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